The mission of the Saratoga Springs Housing Authority is: to assist low and modest income individuals and families by providing opportunities for safe, decent and affordable housing. The SSHA is committed to operating in an efficient, economical and ethical manner as it provides resources for its residents as they strive to achieve social and economic opportunities in order to improve their quality of life.




 The Saratoga Springs Housing Authority (SSHA), under the auspices of the Mayor of the City of Saratoga Springs is a locally operated federally funded New York State charted government agency founded in the early 1950’s for the purpose of providing housing to persons of low and moderate income.

The Authority undertook the construction of four major housing projects:

  •  Jefferson Terrace constructed in 1952. There are 19 buildings consisting of 75 units.
  • Jefferson II constructed in 1962. There are 9 buildings consisting of 30 units.
  • Vanderbilt Terrace constructed in 1970. There are 15 buildings consisting of 58 units.

There are several handicap accessible apartments available at these sites.

In addition, there is a maintenance garage. The William Ford Neighborhood Community Center constructed in 1998 and a modern playground.Stonequist apartments, constructed in 1970, consisting of 176 units in a high rise style building. Within this apartment high rise are several handicap accessible apartments. In addition, this property includes a laundry mat, a recently renovated and modernized Community Room with a multi-media center, fireplace, dinning area, and kitchen with a commercial style stove.

The home office of the Housing Authority is located at Stonequist Apartments as well as a large maintenance garage.

The SSHA manages The Section 8 Rental Assistance Program that distributes housing vouchers and has the capability to provide rental assistance to 90 families living in private housing within the city.

The Authority has an on going renovation and modernization program and there  are major plans to update and modernize all sites in the very near future.

The Housing Authority is a fair and equal housing agency and does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, gender, religion, disability, sexual orientation, family status, or national origin either in employment or in the provision of services to its residents.


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