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In the past year, Allen Drive Apartments/ Ash Grove Apartments have received some much welcomed major improvements thru the instillation of sidewalks , street lights, and continued construction of a new fifteen unit apartment building.
The new apartment building is slated at this time to open September/ October of this year.
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Numerous improvements and renovations at Allen Drive/Ash Grove Apartments have been completed by contractors and management of the Saratoga Springs Housing Authority. Lucky Residents who live there should see reduced utility bills thanks to the installation of new energy efficient gas furnaces. They are enclosed by newly constructed insulated furnace rooms. 

Digital utility meters have also been installed for more accurate readings of monthly fuel usage.

Some apartments have received new kitchens that include newly designed cabinets, cabinet tops, aluminum sinks and faucets, tile floors, and paint on the walls. The welcomed improvements provide residents with more storage area and a brighter environment.

Roofing, wiring and furnace vents have also been replaced on some of the units. The residents also received new screen/storm doors.

New energy efficient storm windows are in the planning for later this year.



What was once an empty lot is now a much needed safe play ground thanks to a donated $22,000 grant to the Affordable Housing Group from the Saratoga Springs Rotary Club, and the donated services of the Contracting Group, “AJ Arpey Inc. of Ballston Spa.

The grant donated by the Rotary club to honor the owners of two local restaurant and lodging business’s, Steve Sullivan and Yvonne Sinnamon. Each year the club awards grants of between $5,000 and $30,000 to a community project through its major gift program.

 The state of the art “pocket park” is now finished and serves the children of approximately 150 families of the Allen Drive neighborhood children. The President of the Affordable Housing Group, Edward Spychalski has stated that, “Residents from surrounding homes are free to use the playground as well. It will get kids away from the video games and get them out on the playground.”

 The colorful playground comes complete with benches, trees, and a sidewalk, as well as ample soft wood chips and PVC bumpers to insure the safety of the lucky little tykes who now play there. There is also room for future expansion.

A commemorative plaque will be dedicated by the “Saratoga Springs Affordable Housing Group” later this spring.



Construction is slated to begin on the new two story 15 unit apartment later this year. The new Affordable Housing will consist of 15 units. Nine units will have three bedrooms and six will have one bedroom. Two of the units will be designed specifically to accommodate the need of hearing impaired individuals. Two others will be ADA compliant.

The project will take approximately nine months to complete and the predicted cost will be approximately $125,000 dollars per unit for a total of about $1.8 million dollars.

The Saratoga Springs Public Housing Authority will act as developer on the construction project and will manage the program according to Mr. Spychalski. This is a first for the Authority and the city of Saratoga Springs. Once completed, the Housing Authority will continue to manage all of the Allen Drive Units for the not for profit, Saratoga Springs Affordable Group.

The new apartments will be made available to people who live and work in Saratoga Springs. There will be an application process for those earning 60 percent or less of the median income for Saratoga Springs.

The project continues to receive strong support and cooperation from the city of Saratoga Springs and its Mayor, Scott Johnson who has been working with the Group to develop the new apartment building.

For more information you may contact the Offices of The Saratoga Spring Housing Authority.



New playground to be built at Allen Drive

The Saratoga Springs Affordable Housing Group has recently received a generous major donation of Twenty Two Thousand Dollars from the Saratoga Springs Rotary Club.

This money will be used to purchase playground equipment and construct a playground for our youth who live at Allen Drive.

We thank the Saratoga Springs Rotary Club for their generous donation!


Watch for future improvements at the Allen Drive Appartments.

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