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Life will be a little brighter, warmer and safer for the residents of Jefferson Vanderbilt Terraces, because of four major projects that have been recently completed thanks to a combination of stimulus and capital funding, the hard work of outside contractors, and the housing authority’s maintenance crew.

The playgrounds at Vanderbilt Terrace have been made a lot safer with the addition of an ample amount of soft wood chips to the children’s play area around the play ground equipment; there will be fewer bumps and scrapes due to the improvements.


Thanks to a few dozen pole lights that have been installed around the terraces, the residents who live there, their visitors, neighboring  homes and the police who patrol the area have been provided with increased safety, brightness, and visibility. The attractive lights not only add to the appearance of the terraces and surrounding neighborhoods, keeping with the existing turn of the century theme and charm of the City of Saratoga Springs, they provide the latest technical advances in “green energy efficient”  light bulbs.


A new state of the art police substation has recently been completed providing the terrace residents, new community center, and surrounding neighborhoods with greater safety and security. The security cameras located around the terraces that feed back to the substation will provide the police with much needed security by allowing the police to better observe the happenings in the local area. The multi directional cameras also have the ability to record any occurrences for playback at a later date.

Not only will this “handicap accessible” substation provide better safety and security for local residents, and the new recreation/community center, it will have multiple uses for law enforcement officials, including training programs for agencies located throughout the area.

This unique partnership between the housing authority and local law enforcement agencies also provides for a shorter response time for calls to the police as well as a measurable cost effective savings for the city in gas mileage of patrols in the area.


Several projects in buildings 20-27 of Jefferson Terrace have been completed. New roofs have been completed on some of the units.

The residents in some of those apartments have received complete floor to ceiling kitchen makeovers. The renovations include new stoves, refrigerators, kitchen cabinets, countertops, and sinks with new faucets. New floor tiles and the kitchens in these units have been painted. The electrical work will be upgraded and new boilers in those units that have not received one will be installed as needed.


Storm doors and mail boxes are in the works for Vanderbilt Terrace along with some siding work.

The Ford Center has also been recently renovated. Needed repairs have been made, including the bathroom and floor tiles, cabinets have also been repaired. A small section of the children’s mural was also restored.

Wall to ceiling mirrors have been installed so that exercise classes, physical fitness classes, kickboxing classes and free Gymnastic Tumbling Classes as well as dance classes can now be taught there.

Call the Housing Authority Office for more information about these activities.





The Public Housing Authorities beautification awards Ceremony was held at the William H. Ford Center on July 28th.

Winners and their guest were treated to pizza, beverages, chips and cake.

 Members of the office staff and maintenance crew were present to congratulate the winners.

Executive Director Ed Spychalski and Saratoga Mayor, Scott Johnson, (a former resident of the terraces), presented framed achievement certificates and Price Chopper Gift certificates to the winning residents who attended.



Best Overall

Teresa Bradshaw 26A3 Jefferson Terrace


Vanderbilt Terrace

1st Place 6C2 Deborah Latalladi

2nd Place 9C4 Valarie Demetras

3rd Place 7C2 Catherine James

4th Place 9C2 Pamela Batchelder

5th Place 6C3 Margaret Pratt


Jefferson Terrace

1st Place 3C1 Kathleen Plue

2nd Place 3C2 Michelle Montville

3rd Place 7B2 Alyssa Coon

4th Place 2C1 Loraine Crivelli

5th Place 8B4 Wesley Bergerson Jr.


Jefferson Terrace Seniors

1st Place 27A1 Sally Cogan

2nd Place 24A1 William Bloom

3rd Place 23A4 Shirley Clark

4th Place 23A1 Joan Gailor

5th Place 25A2 Isabel Myers


Thank you Mayor Johnson for taking time out of your busy schedule and thanks to all those who participated and congratulations to all the winners!


Annual Beautification of Jefferson and Vanderbilt Terraces

On July 6th Flowers were purchased by the Housing Authority and delivered to the William Ford Neighborhood Center by staff who made them available to residents of Jefferson and Vanderbilt terraces.

The residents are preparing for the annual beautification contest to be held July 21st.

Renovation Of Kitchens At Jefferson II
Replacement of the kitchens are now underway at Jefferson II, Buildings 20-27 in the terraces. This work will include the replacement of the floors, and new cabinets with counter tops, as well as new sinks and faucets.
Vanderbilt terrace will receive new storm doors and mail boxes.
Also in the planning is the replacement of some roofs at the family sites and the construction of a laundry facility at Jefferson Terrace.
State of the Art Neighborhood Police Security Sub-Station Near Completion
The new state of the art Police sub-station/neighborhood security center is nearing final completion at Building 24.
This Security/Training center will serve our community in many ways. Watch for the announcement of the grand opening of our new police sub-station.

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