Section 8

"The Section 8 waiting list is currently closed so applications are not available at this time."

The rules and regulations for Public Housing and Section 8 program are determined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The purpose of both public housing and the Section 8 Program is to provide affordable housing to eligible low- and moderate-income families.

The Section 8 Voucher Program allows you to choose a house or apartment that you like, as long as it meets certain requirements for housing quality and the rent is within the PHA guidelines. It is a tenant-based subsidy voucher program administered under a PHA.

When a family applies to a PHA, the PHA will first determine whether the family is eligible to participate in the program. Families generally pay 30% of their adjusted monthly income toward rent. Upon final approval of their voucher a family can locate an apartment within the City of Saratoga Springs.

Unlike the public housing program, the Section 8 Program is a partnership between a family (you) and the perspective landlord.

In order for the program to work, a PHA must assume responsibility for doing the following:

  • review all applications,
  • place family on waiting list if vouchers are not available,
  • approve the dollar amount of the rent (based on the Federal Section 8 Fair Market Rents),
  • ensure that units are inspected by the PHA staff and that they meet Housing Quality Standards and local building code requirements, and
  • re-certify and verify families income every year.

A landlord is responsible for doing the following:

  • provide the PHA with complete and accurate information,
  • sign and explain provisions of lease,
  • enforce lease,
  • collect rent and other charges, and
  • perform timely maintenance on all units.

A family must assume responsibility for doing the following:

  • provide the PHA with complete and accurate information,
  • attend all appointments scheduled by the PHA,
  • take proper care of the housing unit,
  • report all maintenance problems to the landlord immediately,
  • comply with all terms of the lease agreement,
  • pay rent on time,
  • Comply with family obligations listed on the voucher.

Once all PHA qualifications are met, you need to remember that the lease for your unit is between the tenant and the landlord. The PHA is not responsible for maintenance or adherence to the lease. These are the responsibilities of you and the landlord.




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