Request for Qualifications & Proposals

Stonequist Co-Development Ad

The Saratoga Springs Housing Authority (Authority or Authority) is seeking a co-development partner(s) for new unit development at the Stonequist Apartments development which currently houses the 176 unit, 10-story high rise housing facility originally constructed in 1970. It is the intent of the Authority to enter into a public/private co-development agreement with the selected respondent to develop the property with the Authority or a closely held affiliate of the Authority.

Stonequist Co-Development RFQ

Request for Qualifications for a Co-Development Partner for the Saratoga Springs Housing Authority’s Development of the Stonequist Housing Property Solicitation # 2017-01

Stonequist Co-Development RFQ - ADDENDUM 2 – Proposal Response Extension

This is to advise interested parties that the deadline for filing a response to the Saratoga Springs Housing Authority Stonequest Co-Development Request for Proposal has been extended to July 21, 2017.  


Stonequist Addendum Document

Stonequist Addendum Q&A Document