Smoke Free Policy Summary

Due to the increased risk of fire and the known health effects of secondhand smoke, smoking is banned in all indoor areas of Saratoga Springs Public Housing property, both private and common. Smoking outside is permitted in designated areas or at least 25 feet away from any doors and windows, and 50 feet away from any playground areas. This policy applies to all residents and members of the household, guests/visitors, vendors and staff.

Signs will be posted in noticeable locations both inside and outside the Saratoga Springs Housing Authority buildings to remind residents and family members, visitors, vendors and staff of the policy and that their residency can be affected by guest’s violation of the policy.

Smoking: the term “Smoking” means inhaling, exhaling, burning, or carrying any lighted cigar, cigarette, or other tobacco or marijuana product or device.


Anyone that violates the policy is considered to be in breach of their lease and appropriate action will be taken. Residents can report violations by calling the main office (584-6600) or filling out an incident report form.

We thank you for your cooperation.


Paul J. Feldman
Executive Director