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In response to the acute need for workforce housing in Saratoga Springs, SSHA is developing a plan to create high quality, rental housing on approximately 3 acres of vacant land which is adjacent to Stonequist Apartments.   The project is not only an opportunity to create new, much needed units but also is an opportunity to improve the existing site. Las Vegas moving companies that you can trust are not easy to find.

Sometimes when deciding between selling or renting a home, people make the wrong choice. More often than not, there will be a decision to rent the house that is later regretted. It is not unusual at all for the experience of renting not to be an enjoyable one. When this happens and you decide it’s time to move on you’ll need the best tips for selling a home with tenants. Trust me this is no picnic!

One of the most challenging ways to sell a home is when tenants are occupying a property. Just think for a minute. A tenant is comfortably living in a home, and you want to disturb that. It is not out of the ordinary at all for a tenant to be uncooperative when it comes to showings.

In my thirty plus years of selling real estate, there have been numerous times where tenants have been a royal pain in the neck. In the reference above, you will find my best advice for dealing with them. Don’t take selling a home with tenants lightly.

Please find information on the proposed project and check please back periodically for updates as the planning continues…

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