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Stonequist News - RAD Relocation

Resident Questions/Comments
Q: Is hallway ventilation changing?
A: We will check with architect and have an answer to share at the next meeting.
Q: Can you bring drawings?
A: Yes, at the next meeting we will bring large drawings of the plans.
Q: Will there be a security system?
A: The existing security system including security cameras will remain. There will be card
Q: Why are you doing more washer dryers?
A: The state requires we do a certain number of W/D per apartments
Q: What will you do to the front entrance? Can you make it more “homey” and less of a business effect?
A: That is the idea, we will improve upon the existing space to make it feel more like an apartment entrance.
Q: Will there be better lighting in apartments?
A: Yes.
Q: Will there be ventilation in apartment bathrooms? Can you improve ventilation?
A: Ventilation feeds into the common vent stack. We will look into the system further and have a clearer answer for you at the next meeting.
Q: What does 50% plans mean?
A: Bigger details are done, and now going in to finish smaller details.
Q: Was there a decision made regarding walk in shower?
A: They will only be in accessible units.
Q: What about closets? Will they be remodeled? They have three doors that are hard to maneuver.
A: You are in one of the older unit layouts, we will look into whether those units have walls changing and have an answer for you at the next meeting.
Q: Will pantries be updated in the older units?
A: We will have an answer for you at the next meeting.
Q: If we get relocated to Jefferson Terrace will our rent change?
A: Relatively speaking, no, some people will have rent increases but they will be phased over five (5) years. No increase on day 1, and the vast majority of people will not experience a rent increase.
Q: Will we be in a similar apartment? For example, a corner unit if we have a corner unit currently?
A: SSHA is required to provide you with an appropriately sized unit. They will make an effort to place everyone in a comparable unit but can’t make promises.
Q: Why can’t people return to their same unit after rehab?
A: It would take years longer to rehab the building if everyone left and then returned to the same building. In order to finish the project in the required timeframe, we can’t.
Q: Since rehab is beginning on top floors, floors 9, 8, and 7 have to move twice and will lose their apartment height?
A: Yes, you will have to move twice and will likely not be able to return to your original floor.
Q: If you want to stay at Stonequist, you have to be in a different apartment?
A: As long as you comply with your lease, you will have the right to return to a comparable unit in the Stonequist building.
Q: If you’re on the 9th floor, can you move to the floor that will then go to the 9th floor?
A: There is no way to guarantee this. SSHA is not sure what units will be available at the time relocation moves begin and we will need to meet the needs of residents before we can attempt to meet preferences. It is likely that after rehab of the top 3 floors, floor 6 will move to completed floor 9, and so on, but this is not exact.
Q: What if we have more belongings than can fit in our temporary unit?
A: SSHA is required to provide storage for you.
Q: Shouldn’t 9, 8, and 7 get priority with what unit they return to?
A: This would not be feasible or possible.
Q: Will the apartment we move into be renovated?
A: Yes.
Q: Will construction start in September or December?
A: December. HUD has rules for when people can begin moving and we think that people will be able to start moving at the end of September. Construction would not start until probably December.
Q: How long during the day will they work?
A: SSHA will let the contractor know when is ok.
Q: Will there be any physical moving assistance?
A: Packing assistance will be required as a reasonable accommodation.
Q: How much time will be required to renovate each apartment?
A: No more than 120 days.
Q: Can I move immediately to the 6th floor?
A: We will check the rules regarding early moves.
Q: Does seniority count?
A: We will double check what we are allowed to do.
Q: What if I don’t want the counselor in my apartment?
A: We will set up a private office space. They won’t go in your apartment if you don’t want.
Comment: I don’t want to talk to anyone.
Response: You don’t have to, but they can help if you want to.
Q: If I am in a 1-bedroom unit, will I go back to a 1-bedroom unit?
A: SSHA will make a good faith effort.
Q: What will I do with my possessions if I go to a studio from a 1-bedroom?
A: SSHA’s desire is to accommodate tenants and allow them to go back to the same sized unit. A tenant’s need for an accessible unit will trump preference, but we will come up with an equitable process for relocation.
Q: What is the timeframe for renovating the 2nd floor?
A: Not sure yet. It will be later in the construction timeline because we will start at the top floors.
Q: Can we get help packing if we can physically do it?
A: You will have to discuss with the counselor.
Q: If a person needs a handicap accessible unit will they get it?
A: Yes.
Q: Could you bring the asbestos plan?
A: Yes, we can bring it to the next meeting.
Q: Will there be plumbing and electrical outages?
A: There will likely be a few days with brief outages. We will let you know before.
Q: How will the elevators work? Will you be dedicating one elevator to the workers?
A: We will ask the GC for a plan—we are not sure what it is right now.
Q: When will we receive the stipend and what is it for?
A: There will not be a stipend, this would only apply to permanent relocation. All relocation for this project is considered temporary.