Housing Programs & Applications

Public Housing

The rules and regulations for Public Housing and Section 8 program are determined by Congress and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The purpose of both Public Housing and the Section 8 Program is to provide affordable housing to eligible low and moderate income individuals and families.

Public Housing Waitlists

Jefferson Terrace/Vanderbilt Terrace Apartments-(1)One, (2)Two, (3)Three and (4)Four Bedroom Units
Apartment Size Guidelines
  1. Units shall be occupied by families of the appropriate size. This policy maintains the usefulness of the units, while preserving them from excessive wear and tear and under-utilization.
    Minimum and Maximum-Number-of-Persons-Per Unit Standard
    Number of Bedrooms Min Persons/Unit Max Persons/Unit
    0 1 1
    1 1 2
    2 2 4
    3 3 6
    4 4 8
    5 5 10
    The following principles govern the size of unit for which a family will qualify. Generally, two people are expected to share each bedroom, except that units will be so assigned that:
    1. Two adults who are not related by blood will be required to share a bedroom.
    2. Exceptions to the largest permissible unit size may be made in case of reasonable accommodations for a person with disabilities.
    3. Two children of the opposite sex will not be required to share a bedroom, although they may do so at the request of the family.
    4. Children two years of age or younger may share a bedroom with a parent. Children of the same sex that are over the age of 16 may have their
    5. SSHA will count a child who is temporarily away from the home because the child has been placed in foster care, kinship care, or is away at school.
    6. A single head of household parent shall not be required to share a bedroom with his/her child, although they may do so at the request of the family.
    7. A live-in aide may be assigned a bedroom, if approved by the SSHA.
  2. The Local Housing Code of two persons per bedroom will be the standard for the smallest unit a family may be offered. Individual housing units with very small or very large bedrooms or other specific situations that inhibit or encourage lower or higher levels of occupancy may be permitted to establish lower or higher occupancy levels so long as the occupancy levels will not discriminate on the basis of familial status.
  3. The largest unit size that a family may be offered would provide no more than one bedroom per family member, taking into account family size and composition.
  4. If a family opts for a smaller unit size than would normally be assigned under the largest unit size standard (because, for example, the list is moving faster), the family will be required to sign a statement agreeing to occupy the unit assigned at their request until their family size or circumstances change.
  5. When a family is actually offered a unit, if they no longer qualify for the unit size where they were sub listed, they will be moved to the appropriate sub list, retaining their preferences and date and time of application. This may mean that they may have to wait longer for a unit offer.
  6. The SSHA shall change the family’s sub list at any time while the family is on the waiting list at the family’s request.

Embury Apartments

Embury Apartments is specifically for Independent older adults and is restricted to households who have at least one member who is 62 years of age or older at the time of application.

The Saratoga Springs Housing Authority is the Local Agency responsible for 155 Project Based Vouchers for Apartments located at Embury Apartments located at 133 Lawrence Street, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866. To apply for one of these apartments please see below.

Please print and complete the documents below. Once completed and you have obtained the supporting documents required, please mail all information to Saratoga Springs Housing Authority, Located at One South Federal Street, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866.

Stonequist Apartments LLC

To apply please complete the application below and return it to One South Federal Street, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866. If you would like the application sent to you by email, please send your request to jmartin@sspha.org. Any questions, please contact Jennifer Martin at 518-584-6000 ext. 221 or email jmartin@sspha.org.

Stonequist has studio and one bedroom units only.


Section 8

The Section 8 Wait List Is Currently Closed

Promenade Apartments

Promenade Brochure

Promenade waitlist is now open for 1 and 2 bedroom applications only at this time. Any questions please call Jen Hill at 518-584-6600 Ext 226

Please complete the application below and return it to One South Federal Street, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Promenade Application


24 Unit housing development project consisting of two 12 unit two story buildings and associated infrastructure located on 2 parcels formally on the SSHA property generally at East Fenlon St. and Vanderbilt Ave. All assisted units will be occupied by households with income at or below 80% of the AMI. 5 units will be targeted to those with incomes under 50%, 5 units will be targeted to those under 60% and the remaining 14 units targeted to households falling below 80% on the AMI.

SRDI is now accepting applications for 2 bedroom only. Please complete the application below to apply. Any questions, please contact Jen Hill at 518-584-6600 ext. 226.

SRDI Application


The SAHG Wait List Is Currently Closed

The Allen Drive Community is located on Allen Drive in the Northwest corner of Saratoga Springs and features 40 apartments. The property comprises six townhouse style buildings with 4 apartments in each building and one 15 unit 2-story building. These are spacious apartments located on well maintained grounds with plenty of room for outside enjoyment. There are one, two and three bedroom units available.